Care Guide


Polymer Clay Earrings:

Polymer Clay is a non-toxic PVC medium known for its lightweight and durable properties. To create the polymer clay components, I mix colours, roll and manipulate using a variety of techniques and methods to create patterns before shaping, curing, sanding, buffing and finishing.

Whilst polymer clay is durable and strong, it must not be mistreated and is not unbreakable. Please do not attempt to fold your earrings in half as can sometimes be seen by some makers in "flexibility tests" - these are performed using specific polymers that have been cut thin and designed to shock people. Whilst a degree of flexibility will be present, there is no requirement for components to perform this way, and it is in no way a proof of quality.

To store your earrings, we recommend storing in a dry, cool spot. Avoid swimming or showering whilst wearing your earrings, and keep them away from perfumes, deodorant or harsh chemicals. You can clean your earrings using a damp cloth to wipe. 

Resin Earrings:

Resin is hard-wearing but to get the most out of your pieces, please follow the following advice. Please avoid sleeping in, bumping or scratching your resin components. Resin is not water-proof, but water-resistant. Please remove jewellery before shower, swimming etc. Please store your jewellery out of direct-sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause resin to discolour and soften. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning products including hairspray, nail polish remover, hand sanitiser and cleaning solutions.




Jesmonite is a non-toxic, durable eco-resin. We mix it, dye it and pour it into moulds to create unique, one-of-a-kind homewares in a range of designs. It is then cured, sanded, buffed and sealed to give a smooth polished finish.

As with all handmade products, the perfection is in the imperfection. These minor flaws do not take away from the integrity, functionality or overall design of each piece.

Although jesmonite is a hardy substance, please avoid dropping your item as it may weaken or break the piece. Clean with a soft cloth and water. Please do not use harsh chemicals on the item.